Simplify physical access management



is a managed service designed to help you reduce the administration of your physical access management and allow you to stay focused on your core business by outsourcing some or all of the activities to your security partner. With our fully secure hosted solution you or your service partner can fully manage the system. By combining your Access Control solution with our Morphean platform we keep you automatically updated on critical events direct to your PC or mobile with event and live video linked to your access control.

Managing access control is challenging for organisations of any size. Management of the system is normally not a full time role and forms part of other responsibilities of the decidate person or department. With daily activity in the system not always necessary the administration time can be arduous and this time could be better spent on other activities.
Many companies are now embracing cloud based technologies and outsourcing many of their non business critical application to cloud and managed by service partners rather than their own IT.

Reduced costs of IT resources

Reduced Administration costs

Secured off site data

Reduced operational costs

Scalable solution

Increased awareness of events

Remote management

By integrating Morphean ACCESS CONTROL AS A SERVICE, you will increase your security level while reducing the costs of your physical access management. You will stay focused on your core business with peace-of mind relying on your security provider with a fraction of the costs.

How it works