Optimise your store performance

By IDENTIFYING store hot spots, dead areas and bottlenecks

Morphean Hot Zones

is a smart online tool that allows retailers to visualise hot spots, dead areas and bottlenecks to gain strong insight into their store layout, products, brands and promotions positioning, to constantly improve all areas of their stores to maximise their traffic/sales ratio and get new revenue from suppliers for prime space product placement.

Retailers are facing strong competition on the high street to maintain and grow revenue and market share. Their online stores have been able to provide many metrics to better understand customers and improve sales – now retailers are looking to gain similar metrics from traditional high street stores to help them to compete more efficiently.

All areas of the retailer are being challenged to add value over and above the areas they are responsible for and Loss Prevention can be key in providing key customer insights to the business from traditional surveillance systems.

Promotional areas and dwell time

Customer flow & bottlenecks in store

Integrated POS data for further analysis

Trending and patterns

ensure brands are attracting the desired interest

better understand the impact of promotions and conversion to sales

better manage bottlenecks

optimise floor space and layout to maximise sales potential

Implementing the Morphean Hot Zones solution allows retailers to visualise their store performance to optimise product and promotional placement and store layout to improve overall store performance and increase sales

How it works