Optimise your overall security operations

By effectively managing alarms and reducing costly security agent call outs


is a smart tool that allows you to optimise the general costs of your security by effectively managing alarms, interacting early in a security event with your sites and allowing you to deter criminals early, and verifying authorised personnel, thereby reducing the number of unnecessary security agent call-outs.

False alarms from your intrusion alarm system can mean significant costs for an agent to attend the site.
Creating too many false alarms from your security system can mean loss of police response, results in extra costs for agents, systems upgrades and extra insurance premiums and this is not usually planned for or budgeted in a company’s finances.
It’s also proven that early detection and interaction from a certified Alarm Receiving Centre can stop the criminals before they get into the building and significantly reduce costly damage to your business premises.
The average cost for a burglary is expensive so early detection and prevention is key to controlling your business costs.

Instant video and audio of events

Pre-alarm footage of what led up to the event to give better context

Integrated sound and video analytics for automated early detection

Ability to voice challenge suspects and identify authorised/ unauthorised personnel

Improved police response in many cases, as suspects are visually identified

Services performed remotely via ARC, reducing security agents on site and call-out costs

Implementing Morphean Video Alarm Verification solution allows you to optimise your overall security operations by reducing their costs while increasing their performance, ensuring the highest level of security on your site/-s.

How it works