Improve your store performance

By understanding your customers better


is a smart online tool that allows retailers to gain strong insight into customer traffic and conversion rates to measure and manage their stores to provide the best customer experience possible and increase sales.

Retailers are facing strong competition on the high street to maintain and grow revenue and market share. Their online stores have been able to provide many metrics to better understand customers and improve sales – now retailers are looking to gain similar metrics from
traditional high street stores to help them to compete more effectively.

All aspects of the retailer are being challenged to add value above and beyond the areas they are responsible for and Loss Prevention can be vital in providing key customer insights to the business from traditional surveillance systems.

how many customers are visiting the store at any time

how many customers buy and how many don’t

the average time spent by customers in the store

realize the profit potential of your store with accurate traffic statistics

measure the effectiveness of promotions and marketing campaigns

analyse the success of window and store displays

optimize staff planning

Implementing Morphean PEOPLE COUNTING solutions allows retailers to better understand their customers, build relevant KPIs and trends, and take real time informed decisions to improve the overall store performance and increase sales.

How it works