Improve the level of your security

whilst optimising costs


is a smart tool that allows you to ensure the highest level of security 24/7 with automatic aggression detection. Thanks to live & remote video monitoring, we provide adapted interventions, avoid the many and costly false alarms and ensure evidence gathering and recording of any infraction.

Retailers are facing strong competition on the high street to maintain and grow revenues and market share. Their online stores have been able to provide many metrics to better understand customers and improve sales – now retailers are looking to gain similar metrics from traditional high street stores to help them to compete more efficiently.

Business Intelligence can solve many of these challenges. With all their in-store data available in one place, retailers can better predict the future with seasonal buying patterns, identify changing consumer trends and behaviour and optimize their staff management.

Whilst all the areas of the retailer are being challenged to add value over and above their responsibility, loss prevention and marketing managers can both reduce their costs and get the best of their investment by using the same solution for security and business analysis & reporting.

Improves the security of your site thanks to remote and proactive video surveillance

Automatically detects any aggression

Makes your employees feel safe and secure thanks to the panic button which can be actionable anytime and ensures the best intervention to suit the situation

Provides a similar level of service to traditional surveillance at a fraction of the cost

Replaces the conventional and costly guards patrols with virtual ones

Ensures safe and secure recording of all your video evidence

Can be remotely managed by our alarm receiving centre

By integrating Morphean LIVE MONITORING, you will improve your level of security, make your employees feel safe, protect all your video data and evidence whilst decreasing related global costs.

How it works