Improve the customer experience

by optimising in-store service


is a smart online tool that allows retailers to gain real time information on the status of queues allowing them to take automated real time actions to minimise customer waiting times and enhance customer experience.

Retailers are facing strong competition on the high street to maintain and grow revenues and market share. Their online stores have been able to provide many metrics to better understand customers and improve sales – now retailers are looking to gain similar metrics from traditional high street stores to help them compete more effectively.

All areas of the retailer are being challenged to add value over and above the areas they are responsible for and Loss Prevention can be vital in providing key customer insights to the business from traditional surveillance systems.

Automated alerts to notify staff

Queue statistics

Trending statistics

Optimise staffing levels

Automate responses

Better manage spikes

Improve pre-planned resources

Implementing Morphean QUEUE MANAGEMENT solution allows retailers to automate queue management without human intervention in order to minimise queues and provide the best customer experience possible and maximise sales.

How it works