User-friendly web portal and mobile apps (Android and IOS)

Live and remote view on easy-to-use timeline, capture images snapshots and control of pan-tilt-zoom

Record high-quality video on SD Card or NAS and export it

Manage cameras, customers, users and sites roles and accesses

Configure events and manage the follow-up process (e-mails, alarms, pop-ups, exports)

Install & configure door stations, audio speakers, two-way audio devices

Integrate with any alarm receiving center and personalise your level of security service

Indoor activity detection

Cross-line detection

Intrusion advanced detection

Loitering advanced detection

Fall detection

Car alarm detection

Breaking glass detection

Aggression detection

Gunshots detection

Manage and assign schedules, groups and staff by door

Connect cameras to doors

Manually manage access and watch live video

Search access events and video

People counting

Heat mapping

Queue management

POS data integration

POS to cloud gateway


Protect your data with online recordings during 1, 3, 7, 14 or 30 days

Events-based recording: Avoid hours of useless and expensive video recording and easily review interesting video data

Continuous recording: Protect your place 24/7 and make sure you keep a vdieo proof of everything that happens