Our expertise

Morphean is a Swiss high tech company regarded as the European leader in video monitoring and surveillance platforms. We deliver a revolutionary VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) solution that sets the new standard for video protection.

Our exclusive know-how has been achieved through 15 years of experience as a pioneer in digital video protection systems. Our unique expertise is based on proficiency of cutting-edge technologies like the IoT (Internet of Things), big data, analytics and the Cloud. Our strong positioning is the result of the confidence major companies in the security market have placed in us.

Morphean is located in Switzerland, in Germany and in the UK. The company is active in the whole of Europe and serves customers worldwide.

Morphean provides a forward-thinking video surveillance platform that is able to make video actionable. Based on the latest available technology, our platform is improving security by delivering smart and proactive surveillance. Video surveillance as a Service (VsaaS) optimises our customers’ management and operational processes and supports their resources.

In addition to security, it provides them with state-of-the-art Business Intelligence tools to monitor trends and improve their business, allowing them to capitalise on their security investment. From basic yet highly secure live monitoring to fully integrated security management and marketing tools of multiple site organisations, we cover the whole process of Video-Monitoring-as-a-Service.

Our milestones


Foundation of Softcom Technologies


First fully-digitalised video management system


Foundation of Morphean as spin-off from Softcom Technologies


Awarded « high-Potential SME » by The Swiss Economic Forum


Winner of canton Fribourg's Innovative Start-up Prize


Official hosting provider of Axis Communications (world leader in IP cameras)


Axis Future Award presented for our VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service)


Entrance into the UK and Northern European market

Axis discerned us the future award for our VSaaS platform. Axis believes that more than 20% of its future revenue will be generated via new services like VIDEOPROTECTOR.

The High Potential Label from the Swiss Economic Forum attest the quality of the strategy, organisation, technology, quality control and management of the company.

As a proof of the market confidence in our product, VIDEOPROTECTOR won the canton of Fribourg’s Innovation prize for 2012-2013